MBTAG Newsletter – Here’s what’s next – September 2020

Posted on Tuesday 29th September 2020 in General

MBTAG Newsletter – Here’s what’s next – September 2020

An Update from MBTAG

As you know, the funding of the MBTAG programme ends next month (October 31st). MBTAG has provided immense opportunities and successes to tourism in Midlothian and the Borders over the last 3.5 years with the legacy being Scotland Starts Here. We have planned some great social media activity over the next month and we currently have bloggers out experiencing and writing about our wonderful destination. We have loved working with you all and taking the key steps to make our part of Scotland shine and become a leading tourism destination.


The legacy lives on.

The baton is now being passed on and the legacy of MBTAG will continue through the work of the new South of Scotland Destination Alliance (SSDA). We have strong assets in the Scotland Starts Here brand, website, app and business relationships that will naturally hand over – and with that, there’s many learnings that SSDA can take forward as they forge links across D&G and the Scottish Borders. There is a great plan in place to do something game-changing for the region, ensuring tourism is at the forefront of the recovery of the South. SSDA will continue to work with Midlothian Tourism Forum and are currently developing an Associate Member programme to help facilitate this. Midlothian Tourism Forum will remain a key interlink after all the work that has been done and in addition to MTF partnering with SSDA, they will soon be reaching out to tourism businesses in Midlothian to establish what the priorities should be for the Forum over the short and medium term, and to fully understand how they can have the most positive impact on tourism businesses, and on the wider tourism industry. MTF are also looking to form other key relationships with neighbouring DMO’s. The next steps prove the hard work will continue in Midlothian and the Borders and accelerate even more.


What next:

Please see our newsletter today. We will send a final newsletter in October to tell you more of this handover and ask you as a tourism business to complete a survey to help us understand what this project has done for you.


Keeping in touch:

We are delighted we have been able to help so many businesses in Midlothian and the Scottish Borders and this is a note to say we will pass the database of MBTAG on to MTF and SSDA with it being a continuation of this project, to ensure you are kept up to date on everything that is happening in your area. Should you not wish to stay on this database, please reply to this email and let us know. Otherwise we will keep in contact with you.

And finally, a big ‘THANK YOU!’ from the MBTAG team.

All the best,
Jemma, Yvonne and Vanessa


Read this month’s newsletter to find out more


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