Essential Scotland – Midlothian & The Scottish Borders Online Training

New Online Training Course Launched for Tourism Businesses in Midlothian and Scottish Borders – by MBTAG in 2018

The time is now – be a proud Ambassador!

Essential Scotland – Midlothian & The Scottish Borders Online Training module was launched in May 2018.  This new tool is designed to turn customer-facing staff into regional tourism experts and has been introduced to enhance the tourism offering of Midlothian and the Scottish Borders. On completion, staff will be equipped to share local knowledge and recommendations with guests, enhancing their customers’ experience and helping to grow the visitor economy.

The tool, designed by Flow Hospitality, has been secured for tourism businesses in the regions by Midlothian and Borders Tourism Action Group (MBTAG). The training is based on courses which have been developed by Flow for some of the UK’s biggest brands and destination organisations including Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Harvey Nichols, Glasgow Welcomes and Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG).

MBTAG, which was created to encourage businesses in both Midlothian and the Scottish Borders to become tourism-ready, has developed the course content with Flow to ensure the industry provides visitors with travel inspiration and knowledge of the wider destination and a consistent level of customer service.


  1. The new training module costs £5 per user whether you are an individual or needing multiple users for your tourism business.
  2. Should you be a volunteer working for a tourism business you are able to do this training free of charge – Just ask your tourism business / manager to contact to set this up.
  3. Should you wish to do this training through education such as a school / college the discounted rate per user is £2.50 – again please contact to set this up.
  4. This is a fantastic online training module that can be done through a computer or through the ‘Flow Training App’ downloadable for Free in the APP Store
  5. This is a cost effective and efficient way to train yourself and staff – you can complete it at a time that suits you, it can be picked up and completed at a later time which therefore avoids you having to spend a day on a course out of the office / business
  6. The Online training consists of 6 sections. Section 1 is an overview of the destination – Midlothian & The Scottish Borders, followed by 4 sections on customer service which cover Exceeding customer expectations, maintaining a positive attitude, Handling Customer feedback and Continually improving.
  7. It is supported with a downloadable Ambassador booklet which headlines the content detailed in the module but also provides you with a detailed list and weblinks to source additional and further information on the destination.
  8. There is a noticeboard for news which will be updated and populated. As and when new content is added to this noticeboard, anyone who is a user will be notified to their email that there is new information to read.
  9. This is a great tool for any front-line staff in the regions.
  10. MBTAG will be rolling this out across the destination to all front facing staff to make this the leading accreditation for customer service and destination training. This will be done by working with our key industry partners – Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership, Midlothian Tourism Forum, VisitScotland, Business Gateways. We are currently devising an implementation plan for this and communications will follow.
  11. This is a simple, fast and cost-effective online training tool designed to give customer facing staff an overview of the key aspects of the Midlothian & The Scottish Borders visitor experience.  It is engaging and interactive, with great images, videos and mini quizzes which helps staff to build their knowledge of the 2 regions. With a wealth of ideas, suggestions, hints and tips, this interactive and engaging customer service course will help equip your staff to deliver excellent service to visitors in their role as an ambassador for your business and for the regions


  1. You can register as an individual whereby you complete an online form, pay through PayPal / Card  and an email will be sent to you from the Flow Management System with joining instructions
  2. You can register as a group (if you would like it for more than 1 user) again by completing an online form and you will have a choice to either pay by PayPal or Card. We will then contact you as the Manager of the users to provide you with joining instructions and a User Guide within 5 working days. You as a manager will be able to allocate codes to each of your staff members email addresses, advise them on when you would like it completed and be able to see on the system the progress of each member of staff. Once you register each user with an email address, password and code – they can complete the online training

You can sign up either as an individual or as a group by selecting one of the buttons below:

Let’s make Midlothian & The Scottish Borders be that leading destination for customer service – Let’s All be proud ambassadors.

Should you wish to register please contact